Fences built with precision by experienced professionals


Southern Greens builds high-quality fences to suit your property and your budget. Our quality craftsmanship stands on 15 years of experience satisfying Memphis customers with custom fencing. We take extra steps to ensure you get premium fencing at competitive pricing. From the smallest repair to the largest commercial project, we build it like it's our own.
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Define your property

built to last

Whether you are defining property lines, keeping pets enclosed or creating a showpiece, our team will construct a beautiful fence that complements the landscaping of your yard. 

Gates built precisely


We take extra care in  the construction gates so they are built to last. After all, it is the part used the most! Oversized posts, heavy-duty hardware, and using screws to attach each gate frame are just a few simple ways that we provide gate that lasts longer.


Topcap beautification

Get a finished look.

Create a finished look with a top cap and fascia. Attention to detail marks the difference between an average job and a great job.

A variety of styles


Choose from a variety of styles including four-rail farm fencing, shadowbox, top cap and fascia, or top cap fascia and bats.

Count on Southern Greens
to care for your lawn


It's Saturday again and you have to mow the grass. Sure, you can do it, but when you decide it's time for someone else to care for the yard, call Southern Greens. We're precise. Attentive. Meticulous. Easy to work with. Call us when you are ready for a professional company that will make you proud of your showplace.



When you need leaf cleanup
in your yard, we'll take care of it

100% Bagless.

100% Recycled.

100% Done.


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